Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Satpura, the Virgin Hill Station of India

Situated in Gujarat, this hill station in India is in news in recent times. In fact, as the world spins faster and faster and India leaning towards more and more urbanization, this hill station indicates the vision of some sane tourist organizers in to go beyond the conventional tourism practices.

Satpura Hill Station Gujarat
Satpura is the only hill station in Gujarat and its magnificence can be ascertained by the fact that it is nearly three thousand feet above the sea level, witness only moderate temperatures even during extreme summer heat and picturesque setting with natural lakes and streams.

The world of Satpura becomes more noteworthy when it receives rain. You can enjoy monsoon with clouds playing hide and seek, sweet sound of flowing waters through streams. Away from daily hustle bustle, this place remains inviting round the year. Satpura reigns supreme with second highest rainfall after Cherapunji, recognized for the highest rainfall in India.

Laser shows with tribal parading for your enthrallment are some of the valuable treats you can enjoy round the year. According to the legends, the leading Indian mythological figure, Lord Rama spent almost ten years in jungles near Satpura making this region revered.

All this makes this land holier and inviting. Come to immerse in unbridled peace and tranquility as few places are bestowed with such kind of environment.


  1. This place has really something to visit

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