Thursday, 22 August 2013

Here’s Top 10 South India Street Foods

Before you go through the list, let’s tell you that rice is the king of South Indian dishes. Not confined to the kitchen it is equally famous on the streets as well. That’s why classic South Indian dishes including idli and dosa are rice based.

Samosa is the most popular street food in South India. The exterior is made of refined flour and the interior is stuffed with potato delicacies. Sweet and spicy chutney adds to its excellence. 

Idli is another marvel, made from rice and urad dal. As it comes in your platter the round fluffy soft idli melts instantaneously. One of the most famous breakfast delights, it is magnificent in its culinary appeal. 

Masala Dosa with Sambhar
There’s another dish that is indomitable especially when it comes to South Indian breakfast, the ever famous vada. Made from urad dal it is served with sambhar and coconut chutney. 

Dosa, another delightful treat is made from dough rice. Low calorie delight, it is served with coconut chutney and hot sambar. Masala dosa come stuffed with potatoes. 

Bajji is another yummy South Indian snack. With potato, onions, raw banana, bell peppers, chili, bread, it is indeed a tasteful delight. 

Pazhampori, golden fried banana, Puttu, prepared from rice and coconut, Kesari, a typical South India dessert item, Bisibele Bath, a breakfast delight, and Pongal, consumed with coconut chutney and red chilly chutney are other noteworthy delights that reign supreme on the South Indian streets.

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