Thursday, 25 July 2013

Top 10 Ornaments of Indian Women

In case you are a woman and visiting India, here’s your guide to top ornaments loved by Indian women. You may wish to give it a try! 

India is a country primarily traditional in nature. Its unique culture is recognized all over the world. You can easily find this impression on Indian women’s choice of ornaments. 

With a wide variety of designs, women in India enjoy to wear jewellery especially on different occasions involving rituals. You will be surprised to note that ornaments are not only worn to get prettier but for good health as well. 

To cite an example, a ring, angoothi, worn in finger becomes a treat for one’s health as it is connected to various nerves going to the heart and brain. 

Ear rings are also another great treat. In India they are called bali, jhumke and latkan

Bangles are worn with great enthusiasm. A circular shaped ornament; they are worn in hands by women. It is responsible for increasing the blood circulation in one’s body thus rendering us good health. 

Nose ring makes a woman’s face gorgeous. Marathi women in India are particularly spotted with beautiful nose rings. 

Necklace is also regarded as one of the most beautiful ornaments for Indian women. Mangalsutra is the name given to it, which is primarily worn by a married woman in India. 

Anklets are called payal and are made of silver. As the name itself suggests, they are worn in the ankle. Silver is a good conductor of electricity and helps in greater circulation of blood. 

Bichiya or toe ring is worn only by the married woman in India. It is believed that it helps in maintaining her menstrual cycle regular. 

Maang Tika is an ornament that is worn by the Indian women on the head. It is just like hanging pendants waving on the forehead. 

Kardhani is the waist ornament worn around the waist by married Indian women. Silver Kardhani are popular in the Indian context. 

Armband or armlet is a precious metallic ring worn around the biceps by Indian women.

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