Monday, 17 June 2013

Wanna Top Monsoon Travel Destinations India?

Monsoon’s here in India! Splash and enjoy! No, you don’t have to avoid India when it rains. Come out and get enthralled. Cherish it forever… 

Here’s the top 5 destination detail to ENJOY!!!.

  • Go far to Northern India and enjoy Ladakh. Its remoteness makes it fascinating. Dry barren landscape with historic Buddhist monasteries makes it ever more inviting. Snow melts from June to October and makes it awesome. 
  • The Valley of Flowers National Park is also the choicest destination during monsoon. Witness the blooming flowers as monsoon pours. 300 different types of flowers with hiking opportunity amidst nature await you. 
  • Goa also to be considered as it stands the best venue to enjoy sun, sand and surf especially in wake of monsoon. With lush green environs going greener luxury becomes more affordable. 
  • Monsoon is the best time to visit Ayurvedic resorts. With cool, moist, and dust free environment, the efficacy of the treatment enhances manifold. Relax and recharge optimally.  
  • There’s also wildlife suggestion as you may opt for Periyar National Park, as it is open even during the monsoon. Tranquility reigns supreme here with marvelous sunset sights. 
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All you need to do is decide the best travel monsoon destination in India, as per your preference, and book a tour, now.

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  1. Super post. I've been thinking about this topic.Monsoon’s here in India! Splash and enjoy. Thanks for sharing the top destinations during the Monsoon season. India travel packages covers various places in India during monsoon.

  2. Its always remains a big confusion where to visit in Monsoon . North east region is the best place to visit . Thanks for beautiful post . Mansarovar Yatra